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New York City Ballet Fall Gala

Someone generously donated to me tickets to the New York City Ballet Fall Gala. The gala is the world premieres for many ballets including Lauren Lovette’s first piece she choreographed for NYCB This short trip is much needed after a

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1st Glitch in 28 months

This week, I had my 1st glitch in the 28 months I have been getting treatment. Monday morning I overslept and felt dizzy and weak when I got out of bed. Fortunately, I had scheduled my 1st appointment with my

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Visual Concepts Photography Fundraiser

Posted on Visual Concepts Photography Facebook page.  A video capturing Maggie in Annapolis; my beautiful ballerina model who is fighting the good fight! She is a warrior! She is my hero! She has metastatic breast cancer but this isn’t stopping

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Matcha Tea

Recently I began drinking matcha tea. Matcha is green tea in powdered form and has numerous healthy benefits. Because matcha is in powdered form, you are getting all the nutrients in the green tea leaves. With traditional green tea, you

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