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Dancers Care Foundation Benefit Competition

Yesterday was the Dancers Care Foundation 15th annual benefit competition. It was a pleasure to be back at this event for the 3rd year. I always enjoys speaking to the young dancers. This year I also hosted the Miss Star of Hope

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Scan Day

Today is SCAN Day. Please say a prayer for me and that my scans show no evidence of disease.

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THE SCAN RESULTS ARE IN!! My oncologist just called and told me there is NO progression and the spots from before are stable! Thank you for your prayers and thoughts today. Photo by Holtz Photography  

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3rd Annual No One Can Survive Alone Benefit Concert

3 years ago I had my very first benefit concert for my medical bills. I’m so excited to announce that January 8th 2017 will be the 3rd annual No One Can Survive Alone fundraiser concert and will be better then

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People Magazine Article

Thank you Julie Mazziotta of People for telling my story in a beautiful way. Thank you to Andrew Holtz of Holtz Photography and Luis Pons of Luis Pons Photographyfor supplying the beautiful pictures You can read it below.…/bald-ballerina-terminal-breast-cancer/

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Please Sign this petition and Make a change 

Please join me in signing the petition on to accurately count the number of patients living with metastatic breast cancer. Currently, the CDC and SEER only count the patients who are stage 4 at their first diagnosis. Those patients

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Metastatic Breast Cancer Day 2016

Today, October 13th is Metastatic Breast Cancer Day. I wish it truly could be a one day or even a one year event. Sadly, for those of us with Metastatic Breast Cancer, it is a lifetime event because we will

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Every Scar Tells A Story 

Today Glamour released my “Every Scar Tells A Story” video. It is a beautifully shot video about my story and my scars. Thank you to the team at Glamour for telling my story so beautifully  The link is below.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016

Can’t believe this is my 3rd Pink October. It seems like only yesterday that I heard a doctor say those awful words. How my life has changed! This year I want everyone, particularly young women and parents of young girls,

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Inferno Dance Convention Cedar Rapids Iowa

I had a great time teaching. Every chance I get to share my story and my journey with cancer is a pleasure. I think it is so important to educate and inform the younger generation about cancer and it’s effects

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