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Living Beyond Breast Cancer Metastatic Breast Cancer 

Today I am heading up to #philadelphia for the @livingbeyondbc #metastaticbreastcancer conference. This will be the 3rd year I am attending this conference and every year I learn so much information sometimesit is overwhelming. I’m excited to see old and

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Health benefits of mushrooms 

This ginormous mushroom came up in my front yard. I don’t know if it is safe to eat, but I do know that mushrooms have many nutritional and medicinal benefits. My doctor urged me to eat cooked mushrooms every day

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Not all illnesses are visible

Not all illnesses are visible . While I love looking and feeling healthy, the reality is that I still have terminal breast cancer; I am still in treatment; and I could go from healthy to needing chemo or surgery or

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Webb Award Nomination

I just learned the Glamour video series “Every Scar Tells A Story” that I did last summer is nominated for a Webby which is the Oscar for the internet. Each category has two winners: one is chosen by the organization and the

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