My Bald Journey


Breast cancer takes away two of the things society uses to describe femininity: breasts and hair. Women (and men for that matter) are far more than their physical appearance. This is one of the reasons I began the Bald Ballerina movement: to embrace who we are regardless of how we appear on the outside. I was never ashamed of losing my hair or my breasts. I knew that inside, I was still the person I had always been – that cancer would never take that away from me.


Some positive things I discovered about being bald:

-No more bad hair days
-Much cooler in the summer
-Can get ready much faster
-No need for any hair products or salon visits

This album follows my hair loss and regrowth journey. It begins in July 2014, when my chemotherapy began. There will be at least one photo for every subsequent month up to the present

More to come…