Thanksgiving 2018

On the 5th Thanksgiving since my cancer diagnosis:
I am thankful to still be alive to celebrate with my family and friends.
I am thankful to receive so many prayers, messages, and letters of encouragement and donations for my medical expenses.
I am thankful for my medical team who help me to live pain free and dance.
I am thankful for the research scientists who developed the treatments that made this possible.
I am thankful for charities like Dancers Care Foundation and METAvivor Research and Support Inc. that raise funds for cancer research and the generosity of their donors.
I am thankful for charities like CancerlandI'm A Dancer Against Cancer, Dancers Care Foundation, Red Devils and many others that help cancer patients directly with living expenses and day-to-day needs.
I am thankful to re-connect with people from my past and to make many new friends.
I am thankful for the writers, reporters and bloggers who shared my story and helped to make people aware that metastatic breast cancer can strike even very young women who follow a healthy lifestyle.
I am thankful to have met many extraordinary women with metastatic breast cancer who inspire me and for those who have passed away but whom I will never forget: Champagne Joy, Doris Ann Price, Toni Feller, Ronda Reichert, and Beth Caldwell.

Photo by Andrew Holtz