Pray for Parkland

All of us face the possibility of death every moment of every day. For people like me with a terminal illness, it is always present in our thoughts and those of our friends and families. Kate Bowler called it “keeping vigil in the place of almost death.” 

It is very different for people whose loved ones are taken suddenly by mass shooters. They never get to say goodbye and the victims never had a chance. 

Shame on our lawmakers for putting their donors ahead of their constituents. Assault weapons, just like toxic chemicals that cause cancer and other diseases, should be banned. The health and safety of our people should always take precedence over corporate greed and profits. 

Treasure your loved ones. None of know which day could be our last. #terminalbreastcancer #metastaticbreastcancer   #terminalbreastcancer #prayforparkland

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