Purple Shirt Donation

So happy to get my Vickie back home after treatment for heart failure. She is my comfort and support.

I believe all life is interrelated, and what affects one, affects us all in some way. This idea inspired the name of my benefit concert: “No One Can Survive Alone”.

My cousin Katie, designed a beautiful No One Can Survive Alone logo with my silhouette as the ballerina. I am wearing the 2018 concert tee which features the logo on the left side. If you would like to get one, please make a $25 donation via www.YouCaring.com/BaldBallerina and I will mail you a shirt ASAP. Shipping is included in the $25 donation. Be sure to email your donation confirmation, your size, and mailing address to BaldBallerina@gmail.com to get your shirt.

The shirt is 100% cotton and has unisex sizing in small, medium, large, and extra-large. Please note, some sizes have limited quantities. Please order quickly to avoid disappointment.