World Cancer Day 2019

Today is World Cancer Day which was created 19 years ago at the World Summit Against Cancer in Paris. Its mission is to promote research and to make access to life-saving cancer diagnoses, treatment, and care available to everyone – regardless of income, ethnicity, gender, or geographic location. I am alive today because I have the good fortune to live in an area where top medical care is available. Cancer does not discriminate and cancer treatments also should not discriminate.

NIH statistics indicate that over 609,800 Americans will die of cancer in 2019. This is almost 10 times the number of opiod deaths (70,200 per NIH) but cancer has never been declared a crisis or an epidemic. Why not? It is a crisis for cancer patients, their families and friends. Have we grown so accustomed to people dying of cancer that it no longer shocks us? This must change. One in three Americans will get cancer. Please support cancer research and donate if you can. My favorite organizations funding cancer research are @metavivor and the @dancerscarefoundation CareFoundation where 100% of your donation goes to fund research. #terminalbreastcancer#cancerresearch #baldballerina#metastaticbreastcancer #breastcancer##thisismbc #cancer #worldcancerday

Photo by @holtz_photography
Makeup by @makeupartist_lv
Dress & shoes by @capezio