Can Dogs Smell Cancer?

Can Dogs Smell Cancer? YES!

Research studies haves shown that dogs can smell cancer, even in the very early stages. I just met Arthur, the beautiful Pomeranian in the photo, and his owner at Pomeranian Club of Greater Baltimore Inc picnic. His owner told me that Arthur continuously sniffed, nuzzled, and rooted in the same spot on her body. She asked her doctor to check it out and sadly, cancer was found. 

When I returned to Maryland in 2014 for cancer treatment, my Pomeranian Vickie would not stop sniffing and rooting around under my left arm where the cancer-affected lymph nodes and my breast tumor was. This was the first time I had seen Vickie since I found my breast lump and I didn’t know what to make of this strange behavior – she had never done it before. Shortly after my treatment began and the cancer retreated, Vickie stopped sniffing and rooting.

If your dog repeatedly sniffs, roots, or shows unusual interest in the same area of your body, please ask a doctor to check it out, especially if you are considered “too young” for certain cancers.

There are numerous scientific investigations into the cancer sniffing abilities of dogs. Here is a link to a recent one: