Asking Ellen For Help

Here I am with my 1998 Toyota Rav4.  It has 177,655 miles and lots of rust spots. I got it in 2013 to replace my 1995 Rav4 that was totaled when a woman ran a red light.  Fortunately, there were no injuries, but this was all I could afford.  It didn’t run as well as the 1995, but I would soon be moving to NYC to join the Joffrey Concert Group and I wouldn’t need a car there.  This one was fine for when I came home to visit.   Everything changed when I got breast cancer and moved back home to Maryland where having a car is essential.  I found I was driving the 1998 Rav4 more. In addition to everyday driving,  I was traveling throughout the Middle-Atlantic region to give master classes and to speak to young dancers about metastatic breast cancer.  The car began showing its age.  The CHECK ENGINE light came on a lot.  It stalled out a lot and sometimes wouldn’t start.  I had to bundle up in cold weather because the heat took over 20 minutes to come on.  I cranked up the radio to cover up the weird noises and rumbling sounds. Each time I drove it, I prayed I would make it to my destination.

This car needs to be replaced, but I can’t afford it, so I am entering Ellen’s car giveaway contest.


With my 1998 RAV Toyota. Shoes by Capezio