Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pretty much everyone knows that Pink Ribbons are for breast cancer awareness. Most of us don’t know what many of the other ribbon colors represent, but we all know pink means breast cancer. While this is certainly successful branding, sadly, many companies use the pink ribbon as a marketing tool to make themselves appear philanthropic. We have all seen the pink ribbon on grocery items, cosmetics, housewares, etc., with the manufacturer claiming that a portion of the proceeds goes to a breast cancer charity. The question is just how much? Usually, it is an extremely small amount.

I certainly support fundraising for breast cancer research and for helping patients with living and medical expenses. What I find troublesome, is charitable organizations and companies who keep more for themselves than they donate. Please be aware of this when donating, especially during Pink October.

In my experience, the smaller the fundraising organization, the more likely your donation will actually go to the cause you wish to support. Many small organizations, are staffed by volunteers who care passionately about their cause, making it possible for 100% of your donation to go directly to their cause. METAvivor Research and Support Inc.Living Beyond Breast Cancer, and Dancers Care Foundation are good examples of this; I am proud to be one of their advocates.

Photo courtesy of Footlights Dance & Theater BoutiquePink Ribbon

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