Cancer Survivor Day 

Today is National Cancer Survivors Day. This is the 3rd time I celebrate this day.Three years ago today, I was dancing full time and felt wonderful. I looked forward to performing in China with the Joffrey Concert Group. I did not know that cancer was growing inside me and that it had already spread to my sternum, pelvis, and spine. I would learn this in late June 2014. With this news, my life would turn completely around. I stopped worrying about what parts I would dance next year and started worrying about whether I would even be able to dance next year. Thanks to my great medical team, presently, my cancer is stable and I can still dance. Cancer makes one aware of just how precious life, family, and friends are; that small annoyances are just not worth fussing over. I am grateful for the support I have received from people near and far; for the many new friends I have made; for people who have come back into my life. Today I celebrate life along with my fellow cancer survivors and hope that a cure is found for terminal stage 4 breast cancer before it is too late for me and the thousands of women who die every year from this dreadful disease. I want to celebrate many, many more National Cancer Survivor Days. If you can, please donate to METAvivor Research and Support Inc. where 100% of your donation goes to research for metastatic breast cancer. Linda McCarthy of Visual Concepts Photography has taken many beautiful photos of me. She has an artist’s eye for composition and lighting. This is one of my favorites.

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