RIP Doris Ann 

I am very sad that we lost Doris Ann Price to Metastatic Breast Cancer. Doris Ann and I were members of the 1st Hear My Voice class in 2015 where she pointed out that she was the oldest member and I was the youngest. Doris Ann was an amazing woman and I will miss reading her posts which sometimes inspired and uplifted me and sometimes provided very important information. The world has lost a treasure and I am grateful that I met this extraordinary woman. My deepest sympathy goes out to her family. 110 women die every day from MBC. Every week I learn of another friend or acquaintance who passed from this dreadful disease. Please pray for a cure for metastatic breast cancer, and if you can, please donate to an organization like @metavivor where 100% of your donation goes toward research for metastatic breast cancer.