Saying Goodbye to March

I am not sorry to see March go. While it is my birth month, it is also the month that I lost two dear friends. Having a friend with metastatic breast cancer is very hard when you know that she/he will never get well and probably die within a few years. Each ache or pain makes me wonder if the cancer has returned or if the cancer-fighting drugs have damaged a healthy organ. I see the worry in my mom’s eyes whenever I’m not feeling well. Inside I share her fear but I don’t let on how scared I am. Each loss of a friend or acquaintance makes you wonder who will be next.

Champagne Joy once said “The hardest part of being metastatic is losing the future of yourself and so many incredible people and knowing it could have been different had research been done.”

Please contact your representatives urging them to support funding for cancer research. Please pray for better treatments so that more than 20% of us will live more than 5 years.

Photo by Visual Concepts Photography Dress by EILEEN FISHER


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