5th Annual No One Can Survive Alone Fundraiser Concert for the Bald Ballerina

I’m happy to announce the 5th Annual No One Can Survive Alone a fundraiser concert for Bald Ballerina. The exciting day is January 13th at 2:30pm at the Smith Theater at Howard Community College. 

This year will be bigger and better than ever with performances by Adrienne CanternaJim NowakowskiSara Murawski, Jon Ole OlstadMaeghan McHaleSophie Miklosovic,  Ashley Canterna HardyLydia HaugAlicia Canterna, Lesile Plummer Kaeli WareEddie Hall Kelly Weckesser Hall Sam BuchananKenzie DuMars, Kylie Peitz, Julia Ruth PatellaAbigail Mae Carter , Edna Lee Dance Studio, Inc.Dee Buchanan Studio of DanceStudio Bleu Dance CenterDesign In Motion Dance StudioAcademy of Russian Ballet, and many more to come. 

Tickets go on sale November 1st 2018. 

Photo by Andrew Holtz 
Poster by Corgasaur