Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018

Today marks the beginning of #breastcancerawarenessmonth Month. The message behind the month has become all about "Races For A Cure" and buying pink. That is not what it means for women and men with #MetastaticBreastCancer it is a month to remind us that we will never get to celebrate being free of breast cancer. 
October should be a month to educate everyone about the truth of Metastatic Breast Cancer an how it is an incurable cancer. It isn't about buying something pink thinking it will help find a cure. It is about being educated about what organization like @metavivor to donate to. It is better to donate right to the organization then to buy a product where only a small portion or nothing goes to help the women and men affected by Metastatic Breast Cancer. 
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Photo by @holtz_photography 
Dress by @capezio 
Shoes by @gaynorminden @gaynorgirls 
Makeup by @makeupartist_lv

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