Inner Beauty

Recently I have been thinking a lot about beauty and the difference between inner and outer beauty.
Outer beauty is something you can easily change and alter. When I first met with my breast surgeon, he asked multiple times if I wanted reconstruction. I stayed firm and said I didn’t want reconstruction because my breasts had caused me a lot of pain and gave me cancer. He then asked about romantic relationships. I said I wouldn’t want a relationship with anyone who was just interested in my body and couldn’t love me for me.
I have embraced my scars and love my body now. Inner beauty can’t be easily changed. It takes a very long time for someone to change who they are. How you treat and speak to others is a big window to one’s inner beauty. #baldballerina #terminalbreastcancer #metastaticbreastcancer#breastcancer #innerbeauty #outerbeauty #thisismbc