LBBC Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference 2019

I am honored to announce that I will be attending the @livingbeyondbc #metastaticbreastcancer next weekend as well as being on the panel for the break out session for newly diagnosed patients. LBBC has been part of my cancer journey since I was newly diagnosed. I am a Young Advocate as well as a Hear My Voice Volunteer. Going to these conferences has informed me of new treatment options as well as meeting new people. LBBC brought @daynadono and Champagne into my life and I’m so grateful for that. Comment below if you will be there. I would love to meet you. #thisismbc #baldballerina #terminalbreastcancer#breastcancer #lbbcmetsconf #lbbc #livingbeyondbreastcancer


Yesterday I had the honor of being on a panel for @livingbeyondbc in a discussion for newly diagnosed patients. I shared my experiences and feelings to hopefully help them go through the 1st year of their diagnosis. Thank you LBBC for having me be part of this wonderful conference. #baldballerina #terminalbreastcancer #breastcancer#metastaticbreastcancer #lbbcmetsconf #newlydiagnosed


Had a great time at @livingbeyondbc #metastaticbreastcancerconference. I have learned so much, met some great new people, and saw some old friends that I have met at previous conferences. Time to rest and recover. #baldballerina #terminalbreastcancer #breastcancer#lbbcmetsconf