Summer With Starbound National Talent Competition

I spent the summer with Starbound. I traveled to 3 of their Nationals. Here are some posts and updates from the summer.


First Starbound finals complete. I am so grateful to spend a week with some fabulous people. I have about a week off then off to the next city for which is Atlantic City. Can’t wait to get home and snuggle with my pups. Thank you @sandracoyte for allowing me to be at 3 Starbound Finals #baldballerina #terminalbreastcancer #breastcancer#metastaticbreastcancer #starbound#starboundnationaltalentcompetition

Atlantic City:

Getting ready for Atlantic City Starbound. I am so honored to be performing at showcase. I don’t get to perform very often but when I do I treasure it. With Metastatic Breast Cancer you never know what is in store for you the next day or even the next hour. Being able to continue to dance and perform has helped me stay strong and to keep me going. Thank you @sandracoyte for having me perform at the finals and for everything else. #baldballerina #terminalbreastcancer #breastcancer#metastaticbreastcancer #thisismbc #starbound

Today was my first day at Starbound Atlantic City. I also had a lovely surprise of meeting Everly Holtz She is such a beaut baby and I can’t wait to see her on that stage. #starbound #thisismbc #breastcancer#metastaticbreastcancer #terminalbreastcancer #baldballerina#everlyholtz

Dancing into the week reflecting on last week with Starbound. Having #metastaticbreastcancer everyday is different with how I physically and mentally feel. Last week was tough on me mentally but having some time with family and friends over the weekend has helped me remember that I am alive and doing what I love. #baldballerina#breastcancer #terminalbreastcancer #thisismbc #starbound#starboundnationaltalentcompetition #mentalhealth #grateful

The past couple of months have been hard. I have been in this very emotional dark cloud desperately trying to get out. A few days ago I noticed I was slowly succeeding. But yesterday helped a lot. First I was happy to be going to Walt Disney World for Starbound. I am so grateful to Sandy Coyte for allowing me to have a few extra days to go to the parks before the competition started Then. When I got back to my room at the Dolphin I was greeted by a wonderful surprise organized by Barbara Simanski and the front desk staff to help celebrate my 5th cancerversary. It was such a lovely surprise. It is moments like this that I am grateful to be alive and able to celebrate major milestones at Walt Disney World. Thank you to Sandy for everything and Thank you to Barbara and the entire Swan & Dolphin staff for being so kind and generous. I am happy to be staying at one of my favorite hotels. #baldballerina #metastaticbreastcancer #breastcancer#terminalbreastcancer #waltdisneyworld #celebration #grateful #surprise

This morning I had the honor of Sandy Coyte introduce me at the Starbound National Talent Competition Dancers Care Foundation Winners Banquet. She has given me a voice and a platform to share my story and educate
Thank you Sandy for everything

A few days ago my Starbound summer came to an end. It has been a very emotional year. My time that I spend with Sandy Coyte and the entire Starbound family is something I always remember. Thank you Sandy for having me this summer and for giving my mom and I a day in the park it was the perfect way to end the summer. #baldballerina#metastaticbreastcancer #terminalbreastcancer #breastcancer#starboundcomp @ Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin