Gaynor Minden Artist

I am excited to announce that I have officially become a @gaynorminden Artist. I have worn Gaynor Mindens since 2003 when I was 12. I started wearing them because I went from having 1 hour of pointe class to 3. I needed shoes that would last and wouldn’t need a new pair every week. So I tried Gaynor Mindens. It was love at first pique. I have tried other brands but nothing compares to my Gaynors. Thank you Gaynor Minden for including me as an ambassador. It is something I dreamed about since I was 12. #baldballerina #metastaticbreastcancer #breastcancer#terminalbreastcancer #gmartist #gaynorminden #gaynorgirls

👱🏻‍♀️👉🏻🦶🏻 @gaynorminden