National Cancer Survivors Day

Today is National Cancer Survivors Day. It is the second time I am celebrating this day. Two years ago today, I was dancing full time and felt wonderful. I looked forward to performing in China with the Joffrey Concert Group. I did not know that cancer was growing inside me and that it had already spread to my sternum, pelvis, and spine. I would learn this in late June 2014. With this news, my life turned completely around. I stopped worrying about what parts I would d

ance next year and started worrying about whether I would even be able to dance again. I am very happy to say that I can still dance and now have enough hair for a ballerina bun. Thanks to my great medical team, presently, my cancer is stable.

Cancer makes one aware of just how precious life, family, and friends are; that small annoyances are not worth fussing over. I am grateful for the support I have received from people near and far; for the many new friends I have made; for people who have come back into my life.

Today I celebrate life along with my fellow cancer survivors and hope that a cure is found for stage 4 cancer before it is too late for me. I want to celebrate many, many more National Cancer Survivor Days.

Andrew Holtz has taken many beautiful photos of me throughout my cancer journey. These are two of my favorites – the one in pink was taken in NYC a few weeks ago; the bald one was taken shortly after I finished chemo in November 2014.

Photo by Andrew Holtz

Photo by Andrew Holtz

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