Prayers for Orlando

Who shall live and who shall die? I never thought much about how much I wanted to live until I was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. That diagnosis brought everything into sharp focus and made me realize just how important every life is. I began appreciating things that are in my life and stopped worrying about things that might affect my life. When faced with death, many of life’s annoyances become meaningless.

Sadly, in recent years there are individuals who don’t value human life and murder multiple people to support a cause or just because they are angry. They are making judgments that the lives they are taking have no value. I can’t help but wonder if these shooters had a terminal illness, if they could take the lives of so many others so easily; could they see life as meaningless?

Please join me in praying for the families and loved ones of victims of violence and hate. Please pray for a world where every life has value and meaning. #prayfororlando

Photo by Visual Concepts Photography Dress by EILEEN FISHER


Photo by Visual Concepts Photography  Dress Eileen Fisher

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