Still Bald Ballerina

Now that my hair has grown back, many folks ask if I plan to change the name Bald Ballerina. The answer is NO. I remind them that I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer which is incurable. My cancer could return at any time and I could once again become bald because of the treatment I may need. I chose the name Bald Ballerina to point out that cancer does not discriminate – it strikes young and old, rich and poor, healthy and sick. It can even strike a healthy ballerina whose body has been trained to execute seemingly impossible physical feats. One in every three Americans will get cancer; one in eight women will get breast cancer; three of those eight will metastasize and die. Despite advances in detection and treatment, cancer remains undefeated.

Today I also celebrate the 50th birthday of the most fearless breast cancer advocate I have ever known: Champagne Joy. Sadly metastatic breast cancer took her from us on March 27, 2017. She started #Cancerland to help breast cancer patients and organized many events, including the Exposed runway show during NY Fashion Week. Her work is being continued by Dana Kasse Donofree and her many supporters and friends. #thisisnotpink

Photos by Andrew Holtz for Dancers Care Foundation and Beau Pearson Photography



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