This Is Not Pink Campaign

Yesterday marked the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The message behind the month has become all about "Races For A Cure" and buying pink. That is not what it means for women and men with Metastatic Breast Cancer; it is a month to remind us that we will never get to celebrate being free of breast cancer. In February I was honored to walk in AnaOno and Cancerland's New York Fashion Show which included 16 incredible women who have been affected by breast cancer. This was a major stepping stone for Champagne Joy. Unfortunately she passed away from metastatic breast cancer this past spring with only seeing the start of a change. Dana Kasse Donofree is leading us to help continue Champagne's life's works by changing the face of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

October should be a month to educate everyone about the truth of Metastatic Breast Cancer and how it is an incurable cancer. It isn't about buying something pink thinking it will help find a cure. It is about being educated about what organizations, like METAvivor Research and Support, to donate to. It is better to donate right to the organization than to buy a product where only a small portion or nothing goes to help the women and men affected by Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Please help us change the face of breast cancer awareness month by using the hashtag #ThisIsNotPink with anything that isn't helping changing the world for metastatic breast cancer patients directly.


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