Tip for Cold and Flu Season

Eddie is feeling under the weather today 🤒🤧

For me and other cancer patients, cold and flu season is particularly hard since our immune systems are compromised. Keeping the lymph moving through our bodies helps to keep us healthy. I dry brush my skin every day and I also use a mini trampoline to shake up my lymph and get it moving. On days I don’t feel well, I just sit and bounce on the trampoline. Here are some tips:

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No One Can Survive Alone Story in the Howard County Times

The No One Can Survive Alone: fundraiser concert is only a couple days away and tickets are selling fast!

Thank you to Carolyn Kelemen for writing a wonderful story about the upcoming concert in the local paper Howard County Times.


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Merry Christmas

This is the 3rd Christmas since my diagnosis. Statistics for metastatic breast cancer survival show most of us will not live long enough to see a 4th Christmas. I am grateful that my cancer is currently stable and my November scan showed no evidence of active metastatic disease. My Christmas wish is for a cure or better treatments for metastatic breast cancer so all patients can celebrate more than 3 Christmases.

Thank you for the love, prayers, encouragement, and support I have received from people near and far. I am incredibly grateful to all who have opened their hearts to me throughout my cancer journey. You are my Christmas angels.



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Tigerlily Foundation Women’s Health Day- Metastatic Breast Cancer

Cancer has pushed me to do things I would otherwise be too scared to do like speaking on Capital Hill.

Thank you Tigerlily Foundation for allowing me to tell my story


I met with Congressman John Sarbanes‘s deputy chief of staff Dvora to help get funding for #metastaticbreastcancer he has been a supporter of #terminalbreastcancer for a long time. It’s great to hear of someone who is in our corner and who wants to help.

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NowThis Video

NowThis made this beautiful video about my story. Thank you for sharing and telling my story!!!


Featuring pictures and videos by Holtz PhotographyLee Gumbs Photography,  Luis Pons PhotographyXMBphotographyStarbound National Talent CompetitionDancers Care FoundationLucas Chilczuk Photography



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Tigerlily Foundation EmPower Ball


Last night was so much fun at the Tigerlily Foundation EmPowerBall. It was great to celebrate women who embrace life and whose mission in life is to help young women with breast cancer. I am honored to be a part of this organization.

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Self Magazine Article

Thank you to SELF Magazine for writing a great article about my story. Please check it out.


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Dancers Care Foundation Benefit Competition

Yesterday was the Dancers Care Foundation 15th annual benefit competition. It was a pleasure to be back at this event for the 3rd year. I always enjoys speaking to the young dancers. This year I also hosted the Miss Star of Hope competition and I performed my new solo “Loss and Survival”

Thank you to Sandy Coyte and the entire Starbound team and family for supporting and having me yesterday. I love any chance I get to spend the day with you. It always puts a smile on my face 

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Scan Day

Today is SCAN Day. Please say a prayer for me and that my scans show no evidence of disease.


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My oncologist just called and told me there is NO progression and the spots from before are stable!
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts today.

Photo by Holtz Photography14595699_1010987899027646_536768774551134130_n


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