RIP Doris Ann 

I am very sad that we lost Doris Ann Price to Metastatic Breast Cancer. Doris Ann and I were members of the 1st Hear My Voice class in 2015 where she pointed out that she was the oldest member and I was the youngest. Doris Ann was an amazing woman and I will miss reading her posts which sometimes inspired and uplifted me and sometimes provided very important information. The world has lost a treasure and I am grateful that I met this extraordinary woman. My deepest sympathy goes out to her family. 
110 women die every day from MBC. Every week I learn of another friend or acquaintance who passed from this dreadful disease. Please pray for a cure for metastatic breast cancer, and if you can, please donate to an organization like @metavivor where 100% of your donation goes toward research for metastatic breast cancer.  

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She Sparkles Boutique may Feature

I am honored to be selected as @shesparklesonboutique May feature. She is a fellow breast cancer survivor at the age of 26 who started a boutique to help empower anyone going through a diagnosis of a cancer or any other chronic disease. She is very talented and has designed this beautiful shirt with one of my favorite quotes from @dollyparton “The way I see it if you want a rainbow you have to put up with the rain”🌈☔️🌈☔️🌈 please visit her site to get your shirt today. 

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Living Beyond Breast Cancer Metastatic Breast Cancer 

Today I am heading up to #philadelphia for the @livingbeyondbc #metastaticbreastcancer conference. This will be the 3rd year I am attending this conference and every year I learn so much information sometimesit is overwhelming. I’m excited to see old and new friends. Stay tuned to get information and see my day throughout the conference starting tonight 

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Health benefits of mushrooms 

This ginormous mushroom came up in my front yard. I don’t know if it is safe to eat, but I do know that mushrooms have many nutritional and medicinal benefits. My doctor urged me to eat cooked mushrooms every day because they strengthen the immune system and are a good source of Vitamin D. And they are also very tasty! Shortly after my diagnosis, my herbalist recommended I take Turkey Tail Mushroom extract because research has shown it has anti-cancer properties. If you don’t like mushrooms but want to get the health benefits, I recommend which produces the USDA Organic mushroom extract that I use. 

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Not all illnesses are visible

Not all illnesses are visible . While I love looking and feeling healthy, the reality is that I still have terminal breast cancer; I am still in treatment; and I could go from healthy to needing chemo or surgery or radiation in the blink of an eye. Before you judge folks who appear “healthy” for using disability “perks”, remember they may have a medical condition that you cannot see. Every one of us would gladly give up those perks to be a 100% healthy 

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Webb Award Nomination

I just learned the Glamour video series “Every Scar Tells A Story” that I did last summer is nominated for a Webby which is the Oscar for the internet. Each category has two winners: one is chosen by the organization and the second winner is chosen by the people. Please share and vote for my video everyday till April 20th. Multiple votes are allowed.

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Saying Goodbye to March

I am not sorry to see March go. While it is my birth month, it is also the month that I lost two dear friends. Having a friend with metastatic breast cancer is very hard when you know that she/he will never get well and probably die within a few years.

Each ache or pain makes me wonder if the cancer has returned or if the cancer-fighting drugs have damaged a healthy organ. I see the worry in my mom’s eyes whenever I’m not feeling well. Inside I share her fear but I don’t let on how scared I am. Each loss of a friend or acquaintance makes you wonder who will be next.

Champagne Joy once said “The hardest part of being metastatic is losing the future of yourself and so many incredible people and knowing it could have been different had research been done.”

Please contact your representatives urging them to support funding for cancer research. Please pray for better treatments so that more than 20% of us will live more than 5 years.

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RIP Champagne Joy

My heart is sad today. I just learned that my dear friend and fellow #metastaticbreastcancer#advocate @champagnejoy has passed away. I met Champagne at the LBBC metastatic conference in 2015. Since then I turned to her when ever I had a question about treatment options or just needed to talk. Champagne spent her life advocating and fighting for more research and rights for Metastatic Breast Cancer. She also gave MBC patients like me opportunities to let my voice be heard. While she has left this life I know she will remain part of my life and heart as well as 1000s of other MBC patients


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Rising Star All-Star Competition

four years ago I competed in the Howard County Arts Council Rising Star Competition. It was my senior year of college and I never thought that the audience would choose me as the winner. The only other dancer to win the competition was the very first winner Alicia Graf Mack When they announced my name, I was so surprised and overwhelmed that I started to cry. The $5000 helped me live my dream by allowing me to move to NYC to dance. This year in celebration of Columbia’s 50 years, they invited all of the past winners to compete again. Tomorrow I will be taking the Rising Star stage again. I am honored to be placed among such talented artists. I look forward to sharing the stage with them and sharing our love for the arts with the audience.


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Bucket List India Trip

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